Champagne Climate Claire Erskine, Product Manager

"If you’re looking for an ideal day in St Moritz take some warm up runs on the sunny and perfectly groomed slopes of Corviglia before heading over to Corvatsch for a bit of variety. From the top of Piz Corvatsch cruise down the glacier slope with stunning views of the Bernina massif. After all this you’ll deserve dinner at the Kuhstall, an original cow barn that turns into a gourmet dinner place at night."

Activities in St Moritz

Cross country, winter hikes, snow show trekking, sledding, curling, ice skating, bobsleighing, horse riding, winter golfing, hang gliding, kite sailing, sky diving, cricket, Nordic walking, to mention just a few, are among the activities to choose from.

Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides

Enjoy the majestic Swiss scenery with a horse drawn sleigh ride and dinner of local specialities. Once you'd endulged in cheese and wine, relax on the sleigh ride home, wrapped up warm in a blanket.


An adrenaline rush at it’s best!

After the training runs and races, visitors have the opportunity to have a one-to-one experience in a slightly modified bobsleigh which is based on the modern four-man-sled. The visitors’ bobsleigh can reach speeds of up to 135 kilometres per hour and a maximal centrifugal force of 5G. The run from the start in St.Moritz to the finish in Celerina lasts only 75 seconds.


The Cresta is an ice skeleton toboggan run, three quarters of a mile long, that winds its way from above the 'Leaning Tower' in St Moritz down a steep gully through ten testing corners, past the tiny hamlet of Cresta, to the village of Celerina. The total drop is 514 ft.
The Cresta Run is a very famous activity in St Moritz and was, once upon a time, an exclusive club made up of English and American gentlemen. These days it is still a club, but non-menbers and beginners are also able to take part in the sheer thrill and glitz of the Cresta!

Cricket on Ice

In 1988 a group of British challenged the students at the international boarding school, Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz, to a game of cricket and since then, the annual cricket match has become world famous.

Ice Skating

The frozen lake at St Moritz provides the perfect location to put on those skates and practise gliding around the lake underneath the shining sun, or glittering sky.
Ice skates can be hired in resort.


Paragliding is a very popular Alpine activity, and is such a great way to get a completely different perspective of the slopes that you have been skiing - a bird's eye view to be exact!

Polo On Snow

St. Moritz is one of the cradles of the game of polo in continental Europe. In 1899 the first polo field was laid out at St. Moritz Bad on the initiative of a group of British cavalry officers, who used to play polo as part of their military training and to while away the time. In 1959 the St. Moritz Polo Club was founded. The St. Moritz Polo Club has staged numerous summer and winter polo tournaments since 1960. Since 1984 St. Moritz has been the venue for the world’s most prestigious winter polo tournament. As a sporting event, the Cartier Polo World Cup on Snow ranks second to none.


Snowshoeing provides the perfect opportunity to really get away from it all and expose oneself to the true nature, beauty and peace of the Alps. For those ski enthusiasts who do not want to take time out from being on the slopes, there is a moonlight tour which really is something special.


The toboggan run is open daily from 9.30 – 16.00. It is situated at Muottas Muragl which is just short drive from St Moritz. It is an overall length of 2.6 miles, and consists of 20 bends and thrilling straights.

It is not suitable for young children and children must wear helmets.

Winter Kitesurfing

Snowkite surfing is a new, highly adrenaline fuelled sport. You are attached to a kite which allows you to speed over the land, gliding above the powder and allowing you to catch the biggest air that you could possibly imagine! This is a must for all adrenaline junkies.