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Ski Independence Top 5 European Luxury Ski Hotels

The Team December 5th, 2014

Peak Of Chic – Luxury Ski Hotels

Ski Independence are proud to offer some of the worlds most exclusive luxury ski hotels and chalets. This list is comprised of our top 5 European picks for this season.

Hotel W, Verbier

Verbier has long been renowned as a place of luxury, but the addition of the Hotel W has taken standards to dizzying new heights. Arriving at Verbier’s only 5-star ski-in Hotel, the W’s attentive staff provide an unrivalled welcome with their ‘Whatever/Whenever’ service, which does exactly as the name implies.

AROLA Restaurant

Hotel W, AROLA Restaurant

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Celebrate Swiss Style; 150 Years of St Moritz

The Team October 21st, 2014

Celebrate 150 Years of St Moritz; Timeless Luxury and Vintage Charm

Lots of things get better with age… cheese, wine. Where better to enjoy these two vintage delights than in a truly vintage setting!?

150 years of St Moritz

Fireworks on the Frozen Lake

With all the charm of a chocolate box, St Moritz celebrates its 150th winter of snowsports this year! The Polo world cup on the frozen lake, the annual vintage car rally and the stylish, soulful sounds of the blues festival already transport you back in time to the authentic charm and romance of the early days of alpinism. Read the rest of this entry »

A rail-ly good way to travel

Karen June 2nd, 2010

Taking the train to the slopes just might be easier than you think…

Now, I don’t want to put down rail travel in Britain… but let’s face it, travelling by train has kind of lost its romance here.  Booking all but the simplest journey requires an enormous amount of time, knowledge and money… and then when you come to take your journey it’s no surprise to find that ‘due to the late arrival of the incoming service…’ there has been a problem with the seat reservations, so you find yourself jostling for space, nose-to-armpit with your fellow travellers, juggling suitcases that won’t fit into the oversubscribed luggage racks… No wonder we can be a bit sceptical. Read the rest of this entry »