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Top tips for late season skiing

The Team March 24th, 2010

Wondering whether skiing in April is worthwhile? It most certainly is! It is one of the best times of the season and there are some good deals out there to be had. Here are my top 5 tips, which I hope will make your spring skiing holiday one of your most memorable.

1. Start Early

Even though you are on holiday and like to sleep in, it is best to get up early and enjoy the slopes before the sun hits them too hard and makes them into slushy mega bumps. So set your alarm clock a bit earlier than usual, so you can get on the first lift.  You will appreciate this when you’re hitting the slopes and suddenly find yourself alone, with just a few other early birds around you and the piste is like a well ironed shirt.

Spring Skiing in St Anton

2. Stop Early

Okay, to get the best out of the day, I’m also telling you to stop early and this is why…  The snow typically gets very heavy and bumpy around 12pm, so this is what I suggest. Take a short break in the middle of the morning for something to drink, then stop at a nice restaurant for a late lunch, around 1:30 – 2pm, then sit and enjoy a nice meal (hopefully in the sun) and ski down afterwards for a relaxing afternoon. It still gives you about 5 hours’ worth of quality skiing.

3. Start Low

Chances are the lower runs back down to the village will be the first ones to get hit by the sun’s rays, that means they will also be the first ones to get slushy, but if you get one or two runs in before that happens, then you can move up high, later on, where it’s been colder and the snow is holds up for longer. You will not meet many people doing the same thing (unless they also read these tips), because people typically go straight for the high runs. So down low is where the quality snow will be in the morning and you will get your best runs of the day.

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