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The Southern Alps, France: Montgenèvre Ski Resort Review

Karen March 31st, 2014

Karen from our Reservations Team has just returned from a week’s holiday in Montgenèvre; a hidden gem in the Southern Alps and the southernmost of our French destinations, sitting right on the border with Italy. Here’s what she made of it.

Karen’s Montgenèvre Ski Resort Review

I had visited Montgenèvre before, but a long time ago and out of season, so this was effectively new territory for me. For those interested in the geography and history Montgenèvre is one of the oldest ski resorts in France and it sits on a submarine volcano (long extinct) on a strategically important pass in the Southern Alps between Italy and France. The Romans and Gauls fought out some good battles there in the past and there are some pretty interesting forts and relics around the place too. How often can you combine a skiing holiday with a history lesson? And the southern Alps location makes for plenty of sunshine and plenty of snow too. Read the rest of this entry »