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Movindependence – Update

The Team November 15th, 2011

On first glace as I sit here looking around the Ski Independence office nothing seems out of the norm… that’s until one of the “guys” look up from their computer screen to show off their 15 days of growth on their top lip (now more commonly known as a lip cosy!), some may be impressive, some may be sculpted (Andy’s Trucker!) and some are just plain ridiculous!

To clarify the situation for those of you who are wondering why a bunch of guys at Ski Independence are growing (or attempting to grow) moustaches, it’s all in support of Movember.  No, that’s not a spelling mistake, Movember is correct – a very worthwhile charity with one aim, to raise money for prostate cancer, a subject which I am sure is close to many.  Now, this is not a plea for money by any means however if anyone does have a few spare coins (or notes) and would like to support this worthwhile cause then they can do so by visiting the Movindependence site to make a donation! Read the rest of this entry »


The Team November 3rd, 2011

I was in Breckenridge a couple of years ago with a colleague and when we first arrived and went out to a couple of bars we found it a bit odd that most of the men around the resort were sporting ridiculous looking moustaches.  We thought this must be a fashion thing in Breckenridge a bit like having the ski pants half way down the backside but upon asking a local we found out that the resort was doing a charity seasonaire style Movember to raise money for prostate cancer.

With November now upon us we have here at Ski Independence decided to have our own Movember to raise a bit of money towards a worthwhile cause and to perhaps give the office a good laugh during the increasingly dark and colder November days leading up to the start of the ski season.

The Movember ringleader Andy!

There is a fair number of us taking part and the rules are to come into work cleanly shaven then for the rest of the month attempt to grow a fine looking moustache. There are a few worried participants who find it hard to grow anything on their face but we’re all going to give it a go.

We’ll be keeping our progress up to date with our site – Ski Independence Movember. Read the rest of this entry »