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Self help & skiing?! Really??

The Team March 11th, 2011

Last week I had the unique opportunity to participate in the Diva Ski Week in Aspen Snowmass. Contrary to what it sounds, it’s not a week of ladies having “diva” moments on the slopes but in fact a woman’s only ski camp which combines on-hill instruction by the Aspen Team Diva and off-hill life coaching based around the Birkman Method. The aim of the Diva Ski Week is to get to the bottom of what allows each participant to perform at her best, whether she is facing a hike up Highland’s Bowl for the first time or taking on a new challenge at work….

Prior to departing the UK I received an email requesting me to fill a 30 minute survey and was assured that it was a survey of my opinions and there are no right or wrong answers… I have always been rather skeptical of life coaching and have always grouped it in the same bracket as wishy-washy self help books. Surely by answering a question one way, it means you’re totally normal and on the road to success but answering it another way, well that will almost certainly mean you need immediate help otherwise you’re doomed for a life of misery and loneliness… However at least maybe Aspen will be a nice place to find out that out!

So, after completing the survey and having no idea how questions such as “What would I prefer to be a) a forester b) an accountant c) an office clerk d) an engineer would l help me ski better, I pressed “send”…

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