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Buying new skis & boots

The Team November 23rd, 2009

As many of you will be heading out to buy new equipment for the season we thought we’d help you by putting together a guide to help you choose the rights skis & boots. The key element in a successful purchase is having expert help to make sure you are buying what is right for you.

What to look for when buying skis

If you have been involved in skiing for many years you will have seen the dramatic change in the length and shape of the new models that are now available. The benefit for all skiers is that this new shape of ski can be used in a much shorter length which makes them more manoeuvrable and much more fun. Edge control is fantastic and there is much less strain on the limbs and knees. You can now also enjoy a full day on the hill without the legs feeling as tired after that lunch stop. Read the rest of this entry »