The Team November 3rd, 2011

I was in Breckenridge a couple of years ago with a colleague and when we first arrived and went out to a couple of bars we found it a bit odd that most of the men around the resort were sporting ridiculous looking moustaches.  We thought this must be a fashion thing in Breckenridge a bit like having the ski pants half way down the backside but upon asking a local we found out that the resort was doing a charity seasonaire style Movember to raise money for prostate cancer.

With November now upon us we have here at Ski Independence decided to have our own Movember to raise a bit of money towards a worthwhile cause and to perhaps give the office a good laugh during the increasingly dark and colder November days leading up to the start of the ski season.

The Movember ringleader Andy!

There is a fair number of us taking part and the rules are to come into work cleanly shaven then for the rest of the month attempt to grow a fine looking moustache. There are a few worried participants who find it hard to grow anything on their face but we’re all going to give it a go.

We’ll be keeping our progress up to date with our site – Ski Independence Movember.

On the subject of facial hair and skiing if you can’t grow your own you can always try one of these for the slopes…

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    3 Responses to “Movindependence”

    1. Claire says:

      Great work guys – looking forward to seeing the various handlebars, pencils and Fu Manchus as the days (or in some cases, weeks) go on!

    2. Michael Bennett says:

      Well done guys – a noble effort.

    3. Simply Piste says:

      That Beard Hat is hilarious, I can’t believe you can actually buy it! They also sell a mustache you can attach to the top of a beer bottle if you need help with your movember. Good luck!

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