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Steamboat Snow Update

Jenny O Farrell November 16th, 2010

Very warm greetings from my cold, white world in Steamboat, Colorado! We’ve had 23cm of new snow in the last 24 hours, and we already have a 61cm settled snow base at mid-mountain at the top of the Gondola. I also see snowy days and/or cold days in the 10-day forecast, and although I would not dare second guess Mother Nature, all signs indicate an amazing Steamboat opening day on November 24.

I spent both weekend afternoons up on Emerald Mountain in downtown Steamboat Springs.  On Saturday we hiked the 3-mile Lupine Trail up to the quarry in snow clogs, but after constant snow all day and night Saturday and through Sunday, too, we were very happy to have snowshoes and poles on the same trail yesterday. Read the rest of this entry »

Regards from snowy Steamboat

Jenny O Farrell February 26th, 2010

Today’s 5am Steamboat snow report indicated a small but welcome 5cm/2″ at mid-mountain and 10cm/4″ at the summit.  However, when I was shoveling my driveway at 7am and fighting a losing battle against Mother Nature, trying to clear my way out before she erased my hard work, I knew that a lot had happened since the snow stake was checked pre-dawn.  And I was right!

Finding myself in a generous and selfless frame of mind and with meetings on my midday schedule, I decided to check out Steamboat snow conditions on the first gondola so that I could provide detailed information to my esteemed friends and colleagues.  I rode up the gondola with some nice folks from Fort Collins, CO who were up for a long weekend, and together we planned a ski itinerary for them.  Good thing, too.  It is definitely a day to have local knowledge or a local buddy, as visibility is as limited as the snow is fabulous.  We’re talking superlatives here, folks!

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First turns of the season in Steamboat

Jenny O Farrell December 21st, 2009

Here is the first of our reports straight from Steamboat, Colorado. Jenny O’Farrell, Steamboat’s International Sales Manager, will be bringing you regular updates during the course of the season on what’s what on and off the slopes in Steamboat.

Saturday 19 Dec. Read the rest of this entry »

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