World-Class Catherine Hughes, Extras & After Sales Manager Europe

"I would highly recommend St Anton to anyone who is serious about skiing. If you are looking for a ski resort offering extensive, challenging and varied skiing, St Anton could be the place for you. You certainly don’t have to be a wild party animal to enjoy it!"

Childcare in St Anton

Although St Anton’s public image for tough skiing and non-stop nightlife may not make it sound a natural choice for skiers, behind those headline grabbing attributes it is in fact a ‘normal’ ski resort and indeed has beyond normal family-friendly facilities which the local tourist office is keen to promote. 

The ski school will accept children as young as two-and-a-half years old at the excellent and central, slopeside Kinderwelt ski kindergarten which offers snow fun and play for the youngest children, and tuition, supervision, meals and drinks for those a little older and ready to learn the rudiments of skiing.  If you do need care for a very young child the tourist office can supply a list of vetted baby sitters.