Nick Laver, Product Manager

"With 92% snowmaking coverage, Sunday River is the safe bet for snow-sure skiing in the East. It offers great skiing on eight snowy peaks, lots of varied terrain and all lodging is slopeside, making this a super family destination. Rumour has it that there is a Yeti called Eddy who lives just North of the resort – appearances are rare and fleeting, but we will give an abominable prize to the best picture of Eddy. If you spot him… "

Sunday River Ski Holidays

Sunday River is an entirely slopeside resort, with eight peaks of snowy trails, and an excellent ski school. This is an ideal resort for families and the novice skier. If you have never taken your friends or family skiing to North America before, this is a great place to start. With 92% snowmaking facility, the resort is 'snow secure.' The slopes are uncrowded and ideally suited for those who wish to improve their skills or learn a new sport - perhaps try snowboarding for a change.

Skiing in Sunday River

The mountains at Sunday River stand at attention in a row of groomed perfection - just waiting for the lifts to get started. There are eight peaks in total; White Cap, Locke Mountain, Barker, South Ridge, Spruce, North, Aurora, and Jordan. Jordan Bowl marks one end of the long line of peaks, at its base is the Jordan Grand, it sits like a bookend, matched at the base of White Cap by the Grand Summit. Of the total skiable terrain 60% is suitable for novices and intermediates.

This is just the sort of place to learn that strapping some unlikely piece of fibreglass to your feet and entertaining your friends and family with much cart-wheeling, arm flailing and colourful language is the perfect way to spend your hard earned holiday. A smooth transition from this early state of ski-evolution to not just standing man, but turning man, stopping man and even jumping man, can be assured by joining a 'Learn-to Ski/Ride' programme. The instructors guarantee that you will be on your way to competency by the end of the course or you can have your money back.

This is not only a great place for beginners though, there is more advanced skiing here that will appeal to those who have reached the lofty peaks of intermediacy and beyond. Oz and Jordan Bowl have excellent trails for picking up speed and making big, wide cruising turns. There are also some pretty tricky bumps nestling on the Double Blacks such as 'Wizard's Gulch.'

Important information
Season Late November–Late April
Ski Area 870 acres
Annual Snowfall 14ft
Number of Lifts 15
Ski Range 1,280–3,640ft
Snow Making Capabilities 552 acres
Ski Shuttle Free service running until 1.30am around the resort.
Blue Runs 44%
Red Runs 23%
Black Runs 23%
Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May
Off-season Off-season Off-season Off-season Off-season On-season On-season On-season On-season On-season On-season Off-season
Distance from airports
Boston 3hr30mins